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Advertisement Medicine and health in In Isiolo

Medicine and health
1 734.73-2 023.01 KES KES Original price: 17.15-20 $ USD
[div s=font-size: 12pt;] [p s=font-size: 12pt;][span s=font-size: 12pt;][b]Todimin [/b]is an effective, safe, lipotropic agent tested in numerous clinics. With proper reception:[/span][/p] [p s=font-size: 12pt;][span s=font-size: 12pt;]- stimulation of tissue oxidative metabolism occurs;[/span][/p] [p s=font-size: 12pt;][span s=font-size: 12pt;]- lipid and cholesterol metabolism becomes normal;...

Sarasota 22.07.2019
2 235.42-2 629.91 KES KES Original price: 22.10-26 $ USD
[p s=font-size: 12pt;][i][b]TODICAMP[/b][/i] is a wonderful extract of walnuts of milky ripeness, which, under supervision, are extracted with high-boiling distillate of necessarily organic origin. Todicamp is the only drug in the world whose high efficacy has been tested by over 50 years of successful use in more than 60 countries around the globe. In one pack is 115 ml of walnut extract. Made by...

Sarasota 13.02.2019
1 906.68-2 225.31 KES KES Original price: 18.85-22 $ USD
[div s=font-size: 12pt;] [p s=font-size: 12pt;][b]Sorbolit Detox[/b] is a biological additive that is made from natural zeolite. Zeolite is clinoptilolite, which is recognized by many as a true gift of nature. Active in many diseases, works as an effective program of detoxification of the whole organism. You can use this unique wellness remedy to prevent / support the body in the process of treat...

Sarasota 13.02.2019
3 353.13-3 944.86 KES KES Original price: 33.15-39 $ USD
[div s=font-size: 12pt;] [p s=font-size: 12pt;][b][i]Apramar [/i][/b]is a remedy consisting of 99.7% amygdalin, which is an apricot seed concentrate. It is actively used in the treatment of oncology in private clinics in Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Mexico, as it is capable of destroying cancer cells. The package contains three plates, each with 10 capsules. One capsule contains: 300 mg o...

Sarasota 13.02.2019
2 832.21 KES KES Original price: 28 $ USD
3 x Puritan's Pride Super Strength Melatonin 10mg 120 capsules Natural Sleep Improve Sleep Quality FREE Shipping Worldwide - Guaranteed Trackable Shipping Brand New Factory Sealed ; New and Fresh Stocks ; Exp: 02/2020 Brand: Puritan's Pride Product: Melatonin 10 mg Quantity: 120 Capsules Expiration: 02/2020 Sometimes it’s hard to unwind after a long day. That’s when it...

Malindi 26.11.2018

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Advertising Medicine and health in In Isiolo. For the money not only to buy time and health. Yes, that's right, but that's life and we cannot force to change anything. It just so happened that medicine and health is absolutely unshared and nature are closely accompany each other. Naturally our platform that helps people to learn new things and not to forget the valuable, cannot ignore such an important subject, because created a separate section where there are not small in this region for its valued Users. In this category, the ads on resource the NYiGDE? you can inexpensively buy or sell veterinary equipment for private clinics to buy medical devices and medical equipment, as well as to acquire useful and, more importantly, needed in the work from the section of Pharmaceuticals. Free place your ad in In Isiolo on the website and around the clock share, buy, sell new items and used profitably for yourself and your business. Develop with the business platform NYiGDE?, be healthy and become successful with us!
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